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Biofeedback Courses and Certifications:  

Business of Biofeedback - Learn to do remote sessions. Work from home and offer a subscription service. Includes 8 programs you can begin to run remotely right away. Programs include Money Magnetizing and Peaceful Sleep Promotion Program was 297 now 127  

Biofeeedback Practitioner Level 1 - Was 597 now 247 - Get Certified to be a Biofeedback Practitioner in 8 downloadable classes.  

Biofeedback Practitioner Level 2 - Was 597 now 247 - Learn how to work with complex and chronic cases in 6 downloadable classes including Healing Chronic Cases Series testing panels. 

High Vibe Nutrition - Keep yourself bulletproof from diseaseas like cancer and safe from heart disease. Average weight loss when following high vibe nutrition is 30 pounds or more from our class participants! Was 297 was 127

Ultimate Digestive Health Mastery - Was 597 now 397 - Reduce bloating, absorb nutrition more efficiently, feel better. Your digestion is the key to overall health! Take this course if you want to take control of your health and wellness. Powerful frequency libraries and instruction about how to use this with your Genius Biofeedback System. 

Endocrine Regeneration Program - Was 297 now147 - Based on the book Sex, Lies and Menopause, learn to regenerate the most important energies in the body - hormones. Includes 8 Endocrine Regeneration Libraries 

Cellular Freedom Technique - Clear emotional traumas from your past with special technique and biofeedback frequencies. Includes classes and Cellular Freedom Libraries was 297 now 167

Assemblage Point Clearing - Learn more about how to heal past traumas by returning the assemblage point to its optimal location Was 77 now 47

Heart Harmonizing Libraries:

Vessel Harmonizing - Work at the level of the specific blood vessels of the body in order to harmonize circulation. Was 97 now 47

Heart Health - Includes comprehensive array of heart health frequencies working with issues including blood pressure, cholesterol, atrial fibrillation and more. Was 97 now 47

Just added:

Neuroreceptors - Work on the receptors that receive and activate neurotransmitters. Works very well with Neuroreceptor Assessment and Neurotransmitter Solutions. Was 97 now 27

Young Living Oils By Body System - Work by the 12 Body Systems that YLO distributors work with. From the Essential Oils Guidebook. Was 97 Now 37 

Hormone Libraries:

Endocrine Regeneration - Includes downloadable classes to rejuvenate the hormonal system for longevity. Includes 7 Endocrine Regeneration Libraries Was 297 Now 127

Hormonal Wellness Pack - Includes Women's hormones and conditions Was 97 Now 47 

Men's Health and Hormones - Includes Men's Hormones/Prostate Was 77 Now 37

Digestive Libraries:

Organic Acids Nutritional and Metabolic Frequency Library - Understand the gut and the microbiome better and harmonize with this naturopathic testing library. Was 97 Now 47

Digestive Wellness Pack - Includes frequencies for Leaky Gut, Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and more. Was 97 Now 47

Digestive Cleanse Pack - Include these libraries for opening the organs of elimination and harmonizing the digestive system Now 47

Pancreatic Enzyme Pack - Pancreatic Enzymes: Key to Life and Vitality Was 127 Now 67 

Microbiome Was 37 Now 17 

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